Your fair treatment and wellbeing is my #1 priority.

Our relationship will benefit you. I remain in our therapeutic relationship as long as it is reasonably clear that you are benefiting from our relationship.

I will not further my own interests. My professional relationship with you is not an opportunity to exert my own influence. I monitor my effectiveness and take steps to improve when necessary.

I will respect your autonomy. I respect your choices and and work jointly with you to develop and review treatment plans that are consistent with your goals.

I will not abandon you. I terminate with you using sound clinical judgment and in an appropriate manner by assisting you with making reasonable arrangements for your continued treatment.

I will defend you. When appropriate I advocate for your mental health care and will challenge denials of care, or denials of payment for your care, by insurers.

I will keep our therapy private. Your personal experiences do not belong to me. If I have to share your experiences with a third party, I will inform you of the extents and limits of what is shared.

I won’t take advantage of your financial status. I offer flat rates regardless of socioeconomic status and may offer financial accommodates based on request.

I will consult and refer when necessary. Using non-identifying information to protect my client’s privacy, I do this to improve and protect the health and welfare of my clients. 


I will stay in my lane of competence. I provide proper diagnoses of mental disorders or conditions and do not assess, test, or diagnose, treat, or advise on problems beyond the level of my competence as determined by my education, training, and experience.


I will document responsibly. I record significant and appropriate information and respect your right to access your treatment records


I will stay current with the research. I stay abreast of changes within the field, maintain relevant standards of scholarship, and present accurate information.


I will take my therapist hat off sometimes. In order for you to make the best choices possible, I will disclose information honestly and in ways that you can best understand which are not for reasons of my personal interest or gain. 


I will strive to be culturally sensitive. I identify and understand the diverse cultural backgrounds of my clients by gaining knowledge, personal awareness, and by developing sensitivity and skills pertinent to working with a diverse client population.


I will give my diagnostic opinions responsibly. I do not express professional opinions about an individual’s mental or emotional condition unless I have treated or conducted an examination of the individual, or unless I reveal the limits of the information upon which my professional opinions are based, with appropriate cautions as to the effects of such limited information upon my opinions.


I will not conduct therapy if I have a criminal standing. I maintain an ethical standing with the professional board. My license is active and regularly renewed. I do not engage in substance use while in my professional setting