Child Therapy

Finding the right child therapist is important! By developing a warm and friendly relationship with the child, my aim is to uncover the unconscious conflicts at the basis of the child's presenting issues. I help the child to become self-aware and resolve unconscious conflicts through imaginative play. Child therapy can have a tremendous impact for kids who are struggling at home or school. 

Typical reasons for kids to see a marriage and family therapist include:

  • Behavioral problems (acting out, excessive anger, hitting, biting or kicking)​

  • Emotional outbursts (mood swings, difficulty calming down, extreme emotions)

  • Learning or attention problems (hyperactivity, difficulty completing tasks) 

  • Physical complaints (headaches, intestinal complaints) despite a normal physical exam

  • Life transition (death of loved one, divorce)

  • Social isolation or withdrawal

What does child therapy

look like?

Child therapy services include reading books, creating art, and playing educational games as a means to enhance a child's awareness of his or her emotional experiences and to help parents appropriately address the needs of their children.

Can you spin the wheel for points?

Let's create a story about you!

Can you win the game by naming the                 appropriate feeling?

Let's paint how we feel!

Which thought bubbles can you match together? 

What does your fortune tell you to do?

What does your tree of life look