Family Therapy

As a family, are you wondering:

How can I get along with my kids?

How can my kids get along with me?

How can we grow stronger during hardship?

How do we reconcile unreconcilable differences?

If you are seeking therapy for you and your family, then family counseling may be right for you. 

This "multi-person" service is for youths, adults and their biological, adoptive or foster parents who may be experiencing difficulties related to

family dynamics and want to restore peace in the home. 

Common issues among families seeking a marriage and family therapist include any situation where one or more family members are adversely affected by another. This includes relational conflicts between siblings and difficulties managing parental duties. 

I work with the entire family (or a subset of the family) in an enjoyable, interactive way to meet the family’s goals. My aim is to understand and appreciate the family’s unique values, culture, strengths and living circumstances while identifying ways the family can grow stronger and healthier.


I use "Parenting with Love and Logic" techniques to show how parents can contribute effectively to their goals and their child’s growth while avoiding power struggles. Raising kids and teens to behave responsibly and feel positive about themselves can be done through strategies which combine compassion and reason. 


I also use the ARC framework developed by Margaret Blaustein and Kristine Kinniburgh for youths and families who have been truamatized. By working on the youth’s attachment to the caregiver, by strengthening

the youth’s ability to tolerate emotional turbulence, and by increasing the youth’s skill sets and identity development, the aftermath of trauma can be managed effectively.